Sonia - Short Nightgown

€248.00 EUR

Short nightgown in pure silk satin, expressing a refined, essential quality.
Elegant silk satin short nightgown hand finished with a double frastaglio technique.

  • Lenght 90 cm
  • Made in Italy
100% Pure Silk Satin
Italian size

The values of Flora Lastraioli
An ancient art that brings back memories of the small artisan workshops of old, examples of a life of work based on an indisputable value: the practical knowledge of a know-how and culture handed down from father to son, the creation of unique models that would last in time. This is the philosophy of Flora Lastraioli lingerie: unique articles of clothing, high-quality fabrics caressing the body according to one’s wish.

'Colour is the protagonist, in all its declinations.
From the pastel tonality to the stronger one, until the black. The baby doll manifests its femininity through different shapes and lenghts, always elegant.'

Matteo Pecchioli