Sophia - Set Nightgown Robe

€590.00 EUR

Cotton set nightgown and robe in pure mussola, expressing a refined, essential quality.
Soft touch with georgette satin rippling on shoulder, hand finished with a frastaglio technique.

All embroidery robe create timeless vintage styling, reminiscent of the golden era.

  • Lenght 148 cm
  • Made in Italy
100% Pure cotton mussola
Italian size

The values of Flora Lastraioli
An ancient art that brings back memories of the small artisan workshops of old, examples of a life of work based on an indisputable value: the practical knowledge of a know-how and culture handed down from father to son, the creation of unique models that would last in time. This is the philosophy of Flora Lastraioli lingerie: unique articles of clothing, high-quality fabrics caressing the body according to one’s wish.

'When i design the nightwear models my mind goes to the past.
I think to the elegance of the 50's women, to a sensual femininine never ordinary.I'm looking for this pureness. It's seems to be so necessary. Today more than yesterday.'

Matteo Pecchioli