The Founder - Flora Frosali Lastraioli

Beginning in the early 19th century great-grandmother Amelia was the official embroider at the court of Leopoldo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, women of the family shared techniques and knowledge enabling the foundations of the company. Founded in 1932 by Flora Frosali Lastraioli, they conquered the Italian market with their product, being part of several luxury shops in most important cities.

Flora Lastraioli manufactures lingerie with particular care to individual, luxury handcrafted products and has dressed royalty and well-heeled women worldwide for 150 years. The house’s trademark is the application of delicate embroidery to their garments, an ancient family passion.

During the 20th century, Marisa Lastraioli was the DNA of Flora Lastraioli.

Her technical skills and workshop experience, together with the cultural competence, the incomparable passion, and the collaboration with her mother, contributed to make a resolute and determined woman like Marisa Lastraioli not only a fashion designer, but also the true soul of the company.

New Era - 100% Made in Italy

Innovation, care for details, research, testing and a careful appraisal of new creative solutions have proved successful; the achievements of the brand have consolidated in time, on international department stores likes of Bergdorf Goodman, El Corte Inglés, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and especially in the Middle East market.

Susanna Lippi, Amelia’s great-granddaughter and Flora Lastraioli’s director, recently introduced in the design staff her son, Matteo Pecchioli.

The maison thus takes a new direction.

With his deep knowledge of the past, Matteo writes a new chapter in the history of the Lastraioli Atelier.
After studying Fashion Design under the Architecture at the University of Florence, he attended a course of Tailoring and Pattern maker.

Matteo has worked with several Italian brands; however, his main training experience and his own approach to fashion arose in the family tailor’s shop.
Working side-by-side with Marisa, he has acquired the sense of craftsmanship that allows him to understand how a dress is created by modeling fabric. So the perspective changes, and the woman representative evolves.

The elegant and sober contours that represent the identity of Flora Lastraioli become contemporary: they introduce a change without altering the basic concept of lingerie.