Our Materials

We can help take care of the clothing you are most attached to so that their quality can remain unchanged over time.


Modal : Jersey Viscose & 100% Viscose

Jersey Viscose

100% Viscose

Flora Lastraioli has introduced one of the most current fabrics: Modal, a part of the textile called Viscose which combined elements now transmitted and established in tradition and innovation. It is an artificial, ecological fiber of natural origin that is closely related to technological progress that was newly introduced to the world of fashion and eco-fabrics. Viscose is a material obtained through the centrifugation of cellulose extracted from wood pulp. Similar to the cotton jersey fabric, the jersey with an elastic structure is more resistant to wear and its characteristics almost remain unchanged as it ages. It is a resistant, soft, and comfortable fabric to wear while also being permeable making it very breathable. The yarn is smooth, shiny, velvety, bright, and to the touch it resembles silk.


Muslin and Cotton Voile

Eclectic and assorted cotton, also called madapolam, is the fabric Flora Lastraioli works with in the greatest abundance to create multipurpose combinations from a weave made of the finest yarns. When we talk about cotton, we mean a natural fiber of unicellular origin that grows in a pod on the cotton plant. Soft and supple muslin and cotton, like the one in Voile, reveal transparencies but do not lack quality lace and embroiders.


Silk Satin & Georgette

Silk is a very special natural fiber. It is no coincidence that it has been considered the fabric of luxury for so long. Flora Lastraioli cannot help but see the importance of weaving with this fabric, as if it was called “The Queen of Fabrics”. Lightweight Georgette panels are combined with Satin to create softness, shine, a smooth touch devoid of harshness, and a weightless fabric in delightfully graceful drapery.



Linen is an ecological fiber extracted from the flax plant. It could be considered one of the oldest fibers in the world as well as one which preserves the primacy of sustainable fabric. Its standout features are endurance, traction, and elongation as well as being a hydroscopic fabric capable of absorbing and releasing moisture very quickly. It works as a thermoregulator, meaning, it can be used in different seasons due to its reactivity to change from the typical seasons of the material. Linen is bright, anti-microbial, breathable, ad can be worn with direct contact on the skin.